UK Biocentre offers a range of DNA and RNA extraction services to suit your starting material and the needs of your downstream applications.

DNA Extraction Services

UK Biocentre has fully automated DNA extraction platforms to allow large scale processing from the following:
  • All volumes of blood up to 10ml
  • Buffy coat samples up to 1ml
  • Isohelix saliva samples
  • Oragene saliva samples
  • Tissue

RNA Extraction Services

UK Biocentre has fully automated and semi-automated platforms for RNA extraction from:
  • Blood samples
  • Tempus stabilised blood samples
  • PAXgene stabilised blood samples
  • Tissue samples
We also provide more bespoke processing from other sample types as required.
Please contact us if your application is not detailed above.

Quantification Services

We have fully automated quantification systems employing the following techniques:
  • Spectrophotometric absorbance using the Trinean Dropsense
  • PicoGreen measurement
  • RiboGreen measurement
  • Agilent Tapestation (not automated)
  • Agarose Gel Electrophoresis (not automated)

Normalisation Services

Fully automated DNA normalisation services are provided using Tecan Freedom Evo liquid handling workstations that incorporate absorbance and PicoGreen quantification systems. DNA can be normalised from any starting labware to any labware required for downstream analysis. These fully automated systems record all associated data and track samples using barcode readers.

Need Bespoke DNA Requirements?

The NIHR NBC has been established to provide services to existing collections, existing studies or studies in the planning stage.

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DNA Extraction
Automated DNA extraction and RNA platform.
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