News | NHS Test & Trace videos filmed at UK Biocentre
News | NHS Test & Trace videos filmed at UK Biocentre.

In October we welcomed a film crew from the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) to UK Biocentre, as part of a series of videos for NHS Test & Trace. The crew interviewed some of the team – while maintaining social distance – and captured the key processes that enable us to test tens of thousands of swabs every day.

Shift manager Zoe described the journey of a swab sample, from when it is unbagged in the biosafety cabinet all the way through to the final step of amplifying the genes to see whether COVID-19 is present. 

Next up, Chief Operating Officer Phil Eeles explained how we rapidly grew our capacity from 0 to tens of thousands of samples a day, and how taking deliveries of more testing systems will enable us to further increase our capacity.

It was a privilege for our facility and staff to feature in the NHS Test & Trace official video series, and demonstrated UK Biocentre’s central role in the fight against COVID-19.

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