Response to Panorama's undercover reporting
Response to Panorama's undercover reporting.
UK Biocentre has issued the following statement:

Dr Tony Cox OBE, CEO at UK Biocentre, said:

“In March 2020 when we were asked to assist with the challenge of developing Covid testing, UK Biocentre immediately stepped forward. We are a not-for-profit organisation processing more than a million tests every month, thereby contributing significantly to the national pandemic response. We have done so accurately, with a sample void rate as good or better than other substantial testing centres in this country, and authoritatively, given we first identified the Kent variant. Our test positivity rate closely tracks the average for the UK’s broader national testing infrastructure, providing reassurance that our results are robust and trustworthy.” 

“It is important to remember that the UK has built, from scratch, a high quality testing infrastructure to combat a disease that was largely unknown a year ago. Staff at UK Biocentre have worked tirelessly alongside colleagues at DHSC, PHE and in the NHS to provide vital testing capacity. This programme presents an incomplete and selective representation of our efforts. In fact, many of the allegations date from a time the lab was operating under a unique period of pressure at the start of this year due to the second wave of the pandemic.” 

“We keep all of our processes under constant quality review and we are confident that they are in line with industry best practice, ensuring both the provision of accurate test results and the safety and wellbeing of our staff. We have external validation to this effect. This month a Health and Safety inspection confirmed that the laboratory continues to implement safe operational practices to meet the guidelines of the HSE, and the United Kingdom Accreditation Service has recommended us for accreditation to ISO15189, a gold standard for quality and competence in medical testing laboratories.” 

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