We believe that high quality samples and data are critical to the success of your research project. At NIHR NBC Quality is achieved through a quality management system that includes processes, consumables, reagents, and staff training.

NIHR NBC supports your project by:

  • Adhering to ISO9001:2015.
  • Adhering to ISO15189:2012.
  • Adhering to ISO27001:2013.
  • Maintaining a quality environment to ensure samples are fit‐for‐purpose.
  • Designing and running QA programmes for individual researchers.
  • Completing data and process audits.
  • Reporting relevant quality metrics to research/clinical teams.
  • Ensuring IT systems are certified to Cyber Essentials PLUS standard.

Our HTA licences

We have certificates for our:
  • Milton Keynes site
  • Oxford site

Bespoke QMS Requirements?

Please contact us if you have particular quality requirements for your project.
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