Rapid and accurate withdrawal of samples for dispatch to researchers is important to support rapid downstream analyses.

NIHR NBC helps your project through:

  • Manual picking to client supplied pick lists.
  • High speed cherry‐pick of thousands of samples per day from automated archives.
  • Picking performed at ‐20°C to prevent thaw‐freeze effects.
  • Tracking picked sample sets via a dedicated LIMS.
  • Use of in‐house randomisation picking algorithms to avoid sample picking bias.
  • Dispatch of samples to world‐wide destinations via cold chain courier.
  • Management and reporting of cold chain from sample withdrawal to customer.
  • On demand cherry picking of sample orders and dispatch of samples.
  • In‐house randomisation picking algorithms to avoid sample bias.

Have Sample Shipping Bespoke Requirements?

The NIHR NBC has been established to provide services to existing collections, existing studies or studies in the planning stage.
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Sample Shipping
Automated cherry picking of required samples.