NIHR NBC offers large capacity sample storage facilities for the management of biological and non‐biological substances including compounds. The range of storage systems cover temperature ranges from ambient through to ‐196°C in manual or automated archives.

NIHR NBC helps your project through:

  • Large scale sample storage at 4 °C, ‐20°C, ‐40 °C, ‐80°C and ‐196 °C.
  • High speed robotic sample picking capability from automated stores.
  • Supporting manual freezer and LN2 tank storage for clients needing to "off‐site" collections.
  • Providing a back up facility for valuable collections.
  • Tracking storage locations via a dedicated LIMS.
  • Backed up power and refrigeration systems with 24/7 Facilities Team callout.
Loading of sample trays into automated -80°C Brooks store

Have Sample Storage Bespoke Requirements?

The NIHR NBC has been established to provide services to existing collections, existing studies or studies in the planning stage.
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Large scale liquid nitrogen tank storage.