Sandhya Anantharaman

Head Of Scientific Development

Sandhya, warmly known as Sandy, brings a wealth of experience and innovation to her role as Head of Scientific Development at UK Biocentre.

After earning her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology in 2012, Sandy commenced her journey at KCL as a Research Scientist, where she was introduced to high-throughput sample processing using robots. This experience laid the groundwork for her proficiency in efficient and automated laboratory workflows.

Moving onto a R&D Scientist role at LGC, she contributed to the development of a qPCR master mix crucial for EPCR Covid testing. Here, she further honed her skills in process development and quality assurance, specializing in lean processes development with a strong emphasis on maintaining high standards.

During the Covid era, Sandy served as the Head of Scientific Support and Development at UKBC, playing a pivotal role in robust process development, scientific troubleshooting, and quality assurance for both qPCR and EPCR Covid testing lines. In 2021, Sandy ventured into Scientific consulting, undertaking unique challenges such as attempting to establish a mobile Covid testing lab inside a fish and chips van and validating self-test kits. She further advanced into the realm of IT services at Zifo, contributing to lab automation and digitalization projects.

Sandy's journey underscores her unwavering commitment to pushing scientific boundaries, from introducing cutting-edge processes to ensuring quality at every step.

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