NIHR National Biosample Centre

The NIHR National Biosample Centre is a national resource to support biomedical and clinical research. It is operated on behalf of NIHR by UK Biocentre

The NIHR funded National Biosample Centre (NBC) in Milton Keynes provides a high quality, high capacity service for biomedical researchers engaged in studies that include the collection, processing, storage and analysis of biological samples from their volunteers and patients.

It is a national centre of excellence with high capacity and high quality systems and infrastructure to ensure existing studies can be done better or more cost‐effectively, new studies can be done that were either previously unaffordable or not feasible and nationally important research collections can benefit from the highest standards of storage and processing.

We can work with individual researchers or develop framework contracts with institutions. If you would like to discuss using the NIHR NBC please contact us.

Certificate Number 13546
ISO 9001