About us

About The National Biosample Centre

Established by the NIHR in 2014, and operated by UK Biocentre as a not-for-profit organisation, we provide world leading sample management and high capacity bioprocessing.

We make extensive use of dedicated automation and software systems for consistent and high throughput sample processing and tracking delivering best value for UK medical research. We provide the logistical infrastructure allowing Investigators to deliver their study objectives.

Our mission is to be the centre of excellence for UK sample management and a key part of the UK science infrastructure.

Please see our Brochure for more details on our services.

Management Team

Meet the UK Biocentre team

Our Senior Management and Executive Board Team have considerable experience in biosample management and automation systems.

Latest news from UK Biocentre

Latest news from UK Biocentre

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Careers at UK Biocentre

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Our Services

Our Services

We provide a comprehensive set of service offerings around sample management. Read more about them here.

The highest standards of storage and processing.