Project & Advisory Services.

Designing and running effective operations in a study is critical to its success.



How can we help:

Advisory Expertise

Access valuable research insights and guidance through our study advisory expertise. We will provide you with tailored advice and strategies to enhance the quality and impact of your studies:

  • Advise on labware types suitable for your processes.
  • Design pilot processes and systems for end-to-end studies.
  • Support projects requiring bespoke protocol development to support large-scale studies.
  • Advise on upstream activities and downstream potential or sample collection protocol.

Project Management

We will ensure your project runs smoothly, keep track of your timelines, and allow you to focus on your study. You will benefit from:

  • Project Manager support throughout your journey with us.
  • Data management.

Study Design

Enhance your research with our custom study design services.

We will work closely with you to develop a study design that provides meaningful and robust results. Whether you're in academia, healthcare, or industry, we are here to provide valuable guidance for your study.

  • Assist Investigators with study design.
  • Design sample processing and output schemes.
  • Design and pilot processes and systems for ‘end‐to‐end’ studies.

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