Genotyping & Sequencing.

Unlock genetic insights with our Genotyping solutions: precision and expertise for your research project.

We can offer the following solutions for your SNP genotyping, whole genome and whole exome sequencing needs (SNP, WGS & WES) through our on-site market-leading sequencing partners.

This partnership greatly reduces the inherent costs and risks of sample transport, and dramatically improves turnaround times.

Sequencing is facilitated on the Illumina iScan systems and NovaSeq platforms, with bespoke data delivery and library preparation available per request.

Key benefits of working with us:


No more worrying about shipping delays or complex handling processes. With our onsite genotyping Service at UKBC, your genotyping happens seamlessly right where your samples are processed and stored.

Cost savings:

Your research budget matters, and our service helps you save both time and money. By integrating genotyping into the UK Biocentre workflow, you avoid additional costs and risk associated with shipping and handling.



Our partner collaboration brings you the expertise of leaders in genotyping technology. Your samples are handled by professionals who are as committed to your research goals as you are.

Enhance Your Research:

By choosing our onsite genotyping service, you're opting for convenience without compromising on quality. This service is designed to support your research by streamlining processes and reducing potential hurdles.

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