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Your trusted partner for end-to-end biospecimen processing.

A beacon in biomedical innovation

Providing end-to-end biospecimen processing solutions for scientific research.

UK Biocentre is a respected leader in sample management, high-capacity bioprocessing & analysis, and automated storage. We support and facilitate large-scale biomedical, pharmaceutical, and clinical studies, enabling life-changing research in the academic, pharmaceutical and biotech communities. From the outset we’ve valued our role as essential collaborators in the scientific process providing reliable, high-quality solutions that help researchers make critical advancements in their fields. This drives our passion for delivering unparalleled services, using state-of-the-art technology, and adhering to the highest compliance, certification and accreditation standards.


We are able to process tens to thousands of samples per day at high throughput, using automated systems and scalable operations.

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Capacity to store over 35 million samples across fully automated -80°C stores.

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Project &
Advisory services

We will provide you with tailored advice and strategies to enhance the quality and impact of your studies.

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Sample Shipping
& Courier

We can arrange shipping of samples through our own courier or our extensive network of high-quality sample transportation partners.

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UK Biocentre, a beacon in biomedical innovation >>

We are firmly committed to advancing science by consistently driving quality and innovation. Our state-of-the-art technology and quality accreditations and certifications enable us to provide bespoke, agile solutions specifically designed to deliver the study you are running.

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UK Biocentre in numbers

We have long standing experience in the life science sector utilising cutting-edge technology, supported by highly experienced personnel, which enables us to successfully process large scale, high capacity studies.


Sites – Our main facility is in Milton Keynes with an additional storage facility in Oxford.


Square feet – Our purpose-built facility in Milton Keynes is used for the management, processing and analysis of biological samples for biomedical research.


Million samples – we have sample storage capacity in fully automated -80C stores, manual storage in -80C freezers and -196C liquid nitrogen tanks.


Million COVID-19 samples processed in 2020/21.

Why choose UK Biocentre

Our mission is to be the centre of excellence for UK sample processing and management and a key part of the UK science infrastructure.

We are extremely proud to work on clinical studies and research programmes that make far reaching contributions to the world of life science. We understand your research objectives & your end goal – what success looks like to you – and can help you navigate the challenges that you may face. We have the technical expertise, skills & capability, combined with the dynamic, adaptable agility to design and deliver a solution that achieves your goals first time, every time.

Our team of passionate, dedicated, and trusted experts treat your samples with the utmost care throughout their journey and are proud to partner with you on your research project.

  • End-to-end solutions tailored to your research needs
  • Sample visibility via LIMS
  • Sample data and info can be provided in real time by our project managers
  • State of the Art technology
  • A dedicated and experienced team of experts
  • HTA licensed, ISO9001:2015, ISO15189:2012, ISO27001:2013 and data protection standards

Our Future Health and the Path to Personalised Medicine

Our Future Health is a groundbreaking and ambitious research programme. It aims to revolutionise the way to prevent, detect and treat diseases, paving the way to a population that lives in good health for longer.

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From Laboratory Asset to Maintenance Liability

The -80.C freezer is such a ubiquitous and familiar item of equipment in most life science laboratories we often forget it is there. It’s an important, and expensive, research asset – storing reagents and biological samples at all stages.

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End-to-end Solutions

We know that the world of scientific research can be complicated. We’ve answered some of the questions that we are often asked to help you on your journey too.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide end-to-end solutions, from sample collection through to processing, analysis and long term sample cold storage.

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No, we offer end-to-end sample processing including sample storage and shipping.

The cost of a lifecycle of a manual freezer (5 years) is the same as the cost of an automated storage for the same period. Automated storage is also more reliable and energy efficient.

We would be happy to help with your project from the very start. We will work closely with you to advise and guide your study processes that will meet your requirements, whilst being timely and cost effective. Please get in touch with us to discuss your project as early as possible.

We were established by UK Biobank NIHR, we are an independent and separate company.

We would be happy invite you for an in-person visit and discuss your project. Please contact our Scientific Sales Consultants at

We have an HTA licence, UKAS accreditation to IOS15189:2012, certifications to ISO9001:2015 and ISO27001:2103. We conduct an audit programme based on process and risk, covering both us and our suppliers. We have a Quality Management System in place that includes processes, consumables, reagents, and staff training.

We use Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) which is audited for data integrity to assure sample integrity and traceability. Our LIMS is covered by our IOS accreditation and certifications (ISO15189, ISO9001 and ISO 27001)

We have an experienced Project Management team who will ensure your project runs smoothly, keep track of your timelines, allowing you to focus on your study.