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Collection, processing, storage and analysis of your biological samples.

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UK Biocentre partners with Our Future Health to process and store millions of biological samples

The biggest ever UK health research programme aims to discover how life-threatening diseases can be detected, treated and prevented more effectively.

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The highest standards of storage and processing.

About Biocentre Automated -80◦C sample storage.

The National Biosample Centre

Established by the NIHR in 2014, and operated by UK Biocentre as a not-for-profit organisation, we provide world leading sample management and high capacity bioprocessing.

We make extensive use of dedicated automation and software systems for consistent and high throughput sample processing and tracking delivering best value for UK medical research.

Our mission is to be the centre of excellence for UK sample management and a key part of the UK science infrastructure. UK Biocentre has no IP on the samples we manage for Investigators. We manage the samples according to the needs of the study.

We provide the logistical infrastructure allowing Investigators to deliver their study objectives. The National Biosample Centre was established out of the experience gained by UK Biobank and operates the ethos that medical research always comes first.

Our capabilities include:

Sample collection kit assembly

Sample collection kit assembly

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DNA/RNA extraction service

DNA/RNA extraction service

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Sample storage service

Sample storage service

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Quality System management

Quality Management System

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We are proud to work with

Blood Cancer
Uni of Leicester
LGC Group
Medical Research Council
NIHR BioResource
Uni of Southampton
Imperial College London
NHS Midlands
Leeds University

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The NIHR NBC has been established to provide services to existing collections, existing studies or studies in the planning stage. Contact us today