Our solutions tailored to your project.

We will support you at any stage of your research.

We understand your research objectives and can help you navigate the challenges of study design. We have the technical expertise, skills and capability, combined with the dynamic agility to design and deliver a solution pipeline that achieves your goals first time, every time.

We build, design, help, advise and future proof your science.

Why choose UK Biocentre as your project partner?

Sample Integrity: We ensure all your samples are processed with the utmost care. We are ISO15159:2012 accredited and ISO9001:2015 certified. Our IT management systems are ISO 27001 certified, ensuring the highest data security standards.

Sample Processing Consistency: Thanks to the high degree of automation in our laboratories we provide consistent high throughput solutions such as aliquoting, nucleic acid extraction, quantification, normalisation.

Sample Provenance: Our system ensures full provenance and audit trail of your samples. We use a bespoke dedicated Laboratory Management System (LIMS) to track all sample processing activities, sample movements and sample holdings.

Sample Storage: We can store your samples in the UK and provide one of the largest facilities in the world. We store your samples at various temperatures and we can also manage your personal freezers on site in specific circumstances, maintaining their operation 24/7.

Genotyping: We are able to provide genotyping services through our partner laboratory on site. This provides a cost effective solution and removes the logistics for translocating samples to other sites and further processing.


We can process tens to thousands of samples per day, using automated systems and a scalable operation. All our processes are underpinned by our Quality Management System and ISO9001:2015, ISO15189:2012 and ISO27001:2013.

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Our technology allows for automated extraction of a variety of human liquid biopsy samples and input volumes.

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We have fully automated DNA/RNA quantification and normalisation systems.

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Capacity to store over 35 million samples across fully automated -80°C stores.

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Sample Shipping
& Courier

We can arrange shipping of samples through our own courier or our extensive network of high-quality sample transportation partners.

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Genotyping &

We provide Genotyping though our on-site partner which ensures a seamless sample journey.

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Project &
Advisory Services

We will provide you with tailored advice and strategies to enhance the quality and impact of your studies.

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