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My experience at The Festival of Genomics 2024

I recently had the privilege of attending the Festival of Genomics 2024, and here is everything that I have to say about FoG2024.

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Importance of Data Quality in the Age of AI/ML

The workshop painted a vivid picture of the transformative power of AI-ML in the field of drug discovery, cell and gene therapy, and healthcare processes.

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Our Future Health and the Path to Personalised Medicine

Our Future Health is a groundbreaking and ambitious research programme. It aims to revolutionise the way to prevent, detect and treat diseases, paving the way to a population that lives in good health for longer.

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From Laboratory Asset to Maintenance Liability

The -80.C freezer is such a ubiquitous and familiar item of equipment in most life science laboratories we often forget it is there. It’s an important, and expensive, research asset – storing reagents and biological samples at all stages.

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